How to pre-engage your audience before HETT 2019 - HETT 2020

How to pre-engage your audience before HETT 2019

First, ask yourself what your goal is?

Are you launching a new product? Trying to reach a new audience? Want to increase your brand awareness? Generating new leads? Inviting existing clients? Reinventing your product range?

Second, work out what product ranges/services you are offering and create a call to action.

While you are creating your strategy, make sure you are thinking about what your call-to-action will be to get your audience to your products/services. Your CTA should be integrated into every aspect of your strategy because, ultimately, it will be the key to reaching your goal.

Consider the CTA’s role in everything, including your signs, landing page, goals, and metrics. A call-to-action is an image or text that prompts visitors to take action, such as subscribe to a newsletter, view a webinar, or request a product demo. CTAs should direct people to landing pages, where you can collect visitors’ contact information in exchange for a valuable marketing offer.

Third, create a dedicated landing page (this could also be your exhibitor profile online at

On your landing page you’ll want to include information about what you’re showcasing at HETT, why potential customers should come and see you, and a call to action with something like a form so you can capture their details to arrange a meeting on-site, or a download to a sales brochure.

Fourth, what are the most effective channels to drive people to your landing page? I.e email, digital, mail, or social?

Whether you’re using digital, telemarketing, social or direct mail, make sure your message is consistent and has a call to action that encourages potential customers to engage with you.  Lean on your marketing teams to advise on effective channels.

Fifth, execute your plan (this is where we can help).

As part of your HETT package, you have access to loads of marketing resources, copy and assets to help promote your presence at the show and engaging the HETT community. Here are two quick and easy places to start:

1. Complete your online Exhibitor Profile

As a minimum update your exhibitor profile on by submitting your details via the exhibitor zone. Thousands of healthcare professionals will browse the website in the run-up to HETT looking for the suppliers they want to meet so it’s vitally important your profile is complete and your product filters are set.

Your profile includes: Company name, description, logo, social profiles, website, contact details and product sectors.

2. Utilise the HETT Marketing Manual

Take it up a notch! Along with your online profile there a wealth of marketing assets for you to utilize via the HETT 2019 marketing manual which can be found via the exhibitor zone.

Inside the manual you’ll find:

  • Web banners (add these to your website and newsletters)
  • Social Copy Templates (quickly spread the work across all your social channels with our ready to post materials)
  • Website Copy Templates (populate your events page so your customers can find out about HETT)
  • Show logos
  • Visitor email invitations (copy our ready to go templates into Outlook or your email marketing platform to invite your database)
  • PDF Exhibitor Invitation (ideal for attaching in the footer of an email or mailing)
  • Submit a case study (tell us about a case study relating to your product offerings and we’ll post this on our website resources page)
  • Submit a press release (the news page on is yours to use and share an unlimited number of press releases for the HETT community)

If you have any questions for the HETT marketing team please contact