In the world of interoperability is the concept of a single EMR outdated? - HETT 2020
15:45 - 16.05 | Tuesday 1st October 2019

In the world of interoperability is the concept of a single EMR outdated?

Integration and Interoperability
Sector(s): Community Care, Primary Care, Secondary Care, Tertiary Care
Topic(s): Electronic Patient Record (EPR) / Electronic Health Record (EHR) / Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Effective deployment of technology to reduce the pressure on your specialty departmental teams in secondary care in one flexible, adaptable system that serves the requirement of multi-specialty Trust  EMR.

Through the provision of multi-specialty patient and clinic management software and integration with a wide range of other hospital systems, we are enabling healthcare providers to dedicate more time to the patient and less to the management of data between systems.  Shared security, reporting, audit, interfaces to PAS, Pathology, Document Management and other systems deliver economies of scale and unified ways of working for different clinical specialties in a single solution.

Hicom are enabling medical professionals to accurately capture, record and report on a wide range of patient data; giving them access to real-time information to improve patient care and the ability to satisfy a number of Information Governance requirements and regulations.

A flexible, adaptable system to meet the interoperability needs of the modern Trust.

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