Maximising Patient Outcomes with Intelligent Automation - HETT 2020
11:40 - 12:00 | Wednesday 2nd October 2019

Maximising Patient Outcomes with Intelligent Automation

Culture and Implementation
Sector(s): Primary Care, Secondary Care
Topic(s): Business Intelligence (BI), Clinical Burnout, Digitisation, Patient Data / Patient-generated Health Data, Skills and Training, View From the Front

Intelligent Automation is helping organisations across the globe do more and achieve more, but there is no more worthwhile testimony to its transformative capabilities than the effect we’re seeing in the NHS. We are incredibly proud of the work we’ve been doing alongside East Suffolk and North Essex Foundation Trust and are thrilled to be sharing their digital transformation journey with you at HETT 2019.

Our session will highlight what Intelligent Automation is and how it’s affecting positive change across the healthcare industry. Chief Technology Officer of ESNEFT, Darren Atkins, will be joining us on stage to recount his journey with Intelligent Automation, the learnings he’s obtained through this process and, perhaps most crucially, the effects it’s had on his trust, staff and patients. We hope to see you there.

Session speakers