Empowering patients through an integrated health economy - HETT 2020
13:00 - 13.20 | Wednesday 2nd October 2019

Empowering patients through an integrated health economy

Digitally Empowered Patients
Sector(s): Community Care, Primary Care, Secondary Care, Tertiary Care
Topic(s): Electronic Patient Record (EPR) / Electronic Health Record (EHR) / Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Patient Data / Patient-generated Health Data, Population Health and Genomics, Precision Medicine / Patient Safety

Steve Dunkley will be discussing the integrated health economy and how it is essential to improving outcomes for patients by reducing gaps and inefficiencies. To drive this integration, NHS LPP has produced a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) App. Steve, will be talking about the implementation of this app along with how Clinical Digital Solutions can support multi-disciplinary teams and empower patients in being at the centre of their care.

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