Take-Homes from the Nurses Community Dialogue - HETT 2020
14:30 - 14:50 | Tuesday 1st October 2019

Take-Homes from the Nurses Community Dialogue

Sector(s): Community Care, Primary Care, Secondary Care, Tertiary Care

During this session, Caron Swinscoe (Chief Nurse and Clinical Informatics Professional Lead, NHS Digital) will present the takehomes from the mornings’ inaugural event/launch of HIMSS Nursing and Midwifery Informatics (England) Network. The long term initiative brings together existing digital and informatics networks from across England, aiming to harness the collective professional and leadership skills of nurses and midwives to transform the delivery of healthcare through effective information technology.
The morning session spotlights the future digital nursing and midwifery workforce, examining their pivotal role in enhancing the patient journey across primary, secondary and social care sectors with the ambition to move care from the hospital to the community and so bring care closer to patients’ home. The interactive workshop based programme includes presentations by leading informatics and digital health experts, as well as opportunities for attendees to contribute their solutions in the creation of new “digital workplace” for the future “digital nursing and midwifery workforce”.

Session speakers