Healthtech and Digital Health Agenda Snapshot | HETT Reset

Digitally Empowered Patients

Driven by the necessity to keep everyone safe, patients have been accessing the health system with a digital-first approach in the most widespread way ever seen. Digital and health inequalities have been revealed at a national scale. By empowering the health system and its users with the right technology, skills and models of care the system can support personal health through both illness, wellness and long-term conditions. This track will cover:

• Digital skills, inclusion and human-centric codesign
• Virtual consultations and remote monitoring
• Online triage, self-triage, and improving patient pathways
• IoT, apps, wearables and patient-focused digital health       solutions
• Personal Health Records (PHRs), access, integration, and   industry solutions
• Using patient data and information for improved direct     care
• Patient perspectives and representatives

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Culture & Implementation

Covid-19 has shifted most of what we know about how culture supports innovation at scale in the health sector. Focus has turned to change management and adjusting your digital strategy to match the needs of the new digital landscape. Whether years of progress has been made in weeks or projects have been put on hold, capitalising on positive attitudes to digital and the fast pace of change is imperative to keep the momentum of transformation from just necessity and into normality. This track will cover:

• Addressing diversity and health inequalities as part of   digital transformation
• Workforce mental health and the impact of rapid changes   on clinician burnout
• Navigating clinical governance and health procurement   within innovation
• Pathways for digital leadership and professionalisation of   health informatics
• Digital Academy taster sessions, HEE Topol Fellowships   and Clinical Entrepreneurs

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Integration & Interoperability

Effective data sharing between health and care organizations has been a long-term goal for the health sector. The emergence and evolution of new models as part of Covid-19 have driven the need for better information sharing between different care settings, organizations, and geographies even further. With some localities implementing sharing in a matter of weeks and others being left frustrated in the wake of fragmented and disparate systems it is clear we must share our learning and deliver for patient safety. This track will cover:

• The emerging clinical pathways in integrated care
• Data sharing between primary, secondary, social care and local authorities
• Population health management and using data intelligence for local services
• In-depth regional integration case studies from across England
• Top-level comparison between approaches across England, Scotland, and Wales
• The shift in the use of patient data during Covid-19 – what retrospective work needs to be done?
• EPR system roll-out progress and the impact of Covid-19 on these projects
• Clinical communication, traceability, and patient safety

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Digital Maturity Forum

What is digital maturity? In the wake of Covid-19’s rapid transformation of digital processes and the Long-Term Plan’s ambition towards integrated models of care, we will consider redefining digital maturity in this rapidly changing environment. Showcasing cutting edge and advanced case studies alongside different pathways to innovation this track will cover:

• Redefining digital maturity for a healthcare system which has rapidly digitised
• The adoption of AI, machine learning and automation
• AR and VR use cases
• Scaling and spreading success through sharing of learning but also what not to do
• Utilising robotics, 5G and future technologies to improve healthcare delivery

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