HETT Show is a fully CPD certified event

CPD for healthcare professionals

The purpose of Continuing Professional Development in healthcare is to help improve the safety and quality of care provided for patients. As a healthcare professional you are responsible for identifying your CPD needs, planning how those needs should be addressed and undertaking CPD that will support your professional development and practice. Your CPD activities should aim to maintain and improve the standards of your own practice and also those of any teams in which you work.

Attending HETT Show is a great way to ensure that you are keeping up to date with the latest developments and techniques within the industry.

Plus, it’s free to attend for those that work in the NHS, private healthcare, wider public sector, not-for-profit and academia/research.

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CPD Certificates

As an accredited CPD provider, we can provide a Certificate of Attendance for all attendees after the conference, which you can attach to your CPD Log as evidence of development.

If you need a Certificate please let us know by emailing the team at [email protected].


HETT is this space where everyone comes together - developers, suppliers, national bodies, practitioners - to talk about what they do and discover what solutions are out there. As the definition of who is a 'healthcare provider' expands beyond the traditional nurse, support worker or doctor to also include national policy bodies and tech R&D teams, an event like HETT enables us to figure out how to work together, speak the same language and uphold the values of health and care.
Ijeoma Azodo, Associate Director, Clinical Health and Service Design
Ijeoma Azodo, Associate Director, Clinical Health and Service Design University of Edinburgh & Shuri Network

Recording your CPD

Healthcare professionals are required to undertake 35 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) relevant to your scope of practice, over the three years prior to the renewal of your registration. Of those 35 hours of CPD, 20 must include participatory learning. You must maintain accurate records of the CPD you have undertaken which must contain:

The CPD method;

  • A description of the topic and how it related to your practice;
  • The dates on which the activity was undertaken;
  • The number of hours (including the number of participatory hours);
  • The identification of the part of the Code most relevant to the activity;
  • Evidence that you undertook the CPD activity

Click the link to read a useful article on ‘CPD requirements for Healthcare Professionals‘ written by CPD.