Design Your Stand to Showcase Your Objectives

Design your stand to showcase your objectives

By Caylee Donaldson

Making the right impact at exhibitions is vital to success. Your stand is the first thing people will see so it needs to be well designed to ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

The most important element of your display is clear branding and messaging. After all, you want people to be compelled to talk to you! Therefore, the design of your stand needs to reflect your target market, whilst also being smart, attractive and on-brand.

You may already have a brand promise, positioning statement, and a value proposition (VP) but it’s important to review your VP for different types of buyers. A communication map will help you to approach this strategically.

i.e. if you are offering data management solutions at a healthcare event, you would want to demonstrate that you understand the data-related challenges the healthcare community face and highlight how you can support them to overcome them. For example, these challenges could be protecting the privacy and security of patient and staff data; finding secure data storage which is accessible across departments and care sectors; empowering clinicians to make more informed data-driven decisions for more efficient and effective patient care.

Developing a communications strategy and incorporating this onto your stand design will help you to make your proposition clear, position you as a solutions ‘partner’ rather than ‘seller’ and resonate with/spark relevant conversations with attendees.

Using a good exhibition stand builder, such as EXPO, will ensure you get the maximum from your investment and will elevate your brand impact on site.

Should you have any questions about stand design or creating an impact onsite, please contact your account manager, Henry Robinson or Mohammed Umerji.