Follow-up with Targeted Communications

Follow-up with targeted communications

By Caylee Donaldson

So, what’s the final piece of the puzzle? Follow up those HETT leads! After the event, reach out to the potential customers you met and let them know you would like to stay in touch and explore working together in partnership.

It’s easy to do bulk email communications to all the trade booth visitors, but a personalised approach will go a lot further! Here’s how to follow up effectively after your big day.

  • Work methodically
    After HETT Show you will receive an excel spreadsheet with the contact details of all of the individuals that you scanned on your stand. Make sure that you go through your exhibition notes and customise your follow-ups with a relevant and genuine message.
  • Note the 48-hour trade show follow-up window
    To make sure people don’t forget your face, follow up with potential customers within 48 hours. You’ll be fresh in their mind, and they’ll also have had the chance to relax and digest everything they saw and learned at HETT Show.
  • Always say thank you
    Frame your follow-up as a thank-you letter or message. By focusing on the benefits you got from the conversation with them, and repeating the challenges they shared with you, you will start to forge a positive relationship.
  • Personalise your follow-ups
    Reinforce the conversation you had onsite by providing personal and genuine solutions or advice to their challenge(s). This will increase the likelihood that they’ll remember you and reply. Besides, with that great location, amazing stand design, and friendly staff, how could they not?

Should you have any questions about exhibiting at HETT Show, please contact your account manager, Henry Robinson or Mohammed Umerji.