Invite Your Customers To Join You

Invite your customers to join you

By Caylee Donaldson

Exhibitions and industry events are an excellent excuse to get in touch with and ‘warm up’ existing customers to invite them to attend HETT Show. We all know how quickly diaries can fill up, so be sure to give 8-4 weeks’ notice.

Here are some tips to creating personalised event invitations:

  • Send your emails from a recognisable source: Let your reader know you’re trustworthy at a glance and avoid the spam folder by sending your invitations from your company name and your company email if you have one. If not, change the “From” label in your email client settings to something along the lines of “[your name] from [your company name].”
  • Use personalisation beyond the subject line: Consumers expect personalisation; 86% say that it plays a role in helping them decide what to spend money on. But there’s a lot more to personalization than just auto-filled names. Try dividing your master list into segments based on demographics, online behaviour or purchase history information. Then create targeted emails for each segment that takes the customer segment’s unique needs into account.

A major key to exhibition success, though, is following up every prospect afterwards; a simple courtesy call or email to say “thank you or visiting our stand” or “it was great to meet you, is there anything we can help you with?” shows that you care and can be a great way to build your customer base.

We have created a range of assets and resources to support our clients in promoting their involvement at HETT which you can access through this link.

Should you have any questions about inviting prospects or using the marketing kit, please contact your account manager, Henry Robinson or Mohammed Umerji.