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Google Cloud

Google Cloud for healthcare and life sciences

We’re applying deep industry knowledge to help you meet your toughest challenges while protecting confidential healthcare data.

Provide secure, continuous patient care.

  • Telehealth and virtual care | Support patients remotely and protect caregiver and patient safety by offering take-home devices and telehealth solutions.
  • Patient services and support | Give people information they need while alleviating pressure on your contact center by using the Contact Center AI Rapid Response virtual agent.
  • Patient App Management | Use a well-managed API platform to build and deliver mobile applications that give patients an easy way to stay in touch with their caregivers from home.
  • Visualization for healthcare services | Explore how geographic data like site locations and patient directions can help your healthcare organization provide more effective service.

Empower caregivers with collaboration and productivity tools

  • Frontline caregiver devices | Help caregivers serve their patients better by enabling them to access information with shareable, secure-by-design Chrome and Android enterprise devices.
  • Remote work | Power your healthcare workforce with secure access to cloud-based tools and a fast, cloud-native operating system.
  • Health and wellness apps for providers | FDA MyStudies for providers helps your healthcare organization better support staff through organizational and operational insights apps.

Make data-driven clinical and operational decisions

  • Health data interoperability | Gain a unified view of FHIR, HL7v2, and DICOM data and power actionable healthcare insights with Cloud Healthcare API.
  • Healthcare analytics and insights | Make more confident and effective decisions by harmonizing clinical and operational data across your legacy systems.
  • Healthcare API management | Make it easy for healthcare providers, health data partners, and app developers to work together to build new FHIR API-based digital services.
  • Healthcare operational dashboards | Enhance your ability to visualize population health and operations by augmenting your business intelligence with leading-edge analytics.