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Neuro ProActive

The neurological rehabilitation platform that brings healthcare together

Neuro ProActive is the result of three years of development involving hundreds of patients, family members, and clinicians. A therapist-led solution for the rehabilitation and management of long-term neurological conditions, the platform is built to medical device standards and can link to primary care and hospital systems.

End-to-end encrypted messaging, video calling and cloud storage can be used by qualified and regulated Allied Health Professionals across six disciplines to better coordinate patient-centred care. At launch, Neuro ProActive will be adopted by at least 15 NHS Trusts to efficiently prescribe rehabilitation interventions to patients. Community teams can also benefit from remote patient monitoring. Our research database, in consultation with the NIHR, has the potential to transform research into neurological conditions.

A low-cost, reliable, compliant platform, Neuro ProActive is available to the NHS and Private Practice.