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Our Mission is to help people from all communities live healthier lives. We want to make getting a free health check as easy as buying a loaf of bread.

We provide machine based, self-service, medical grade health checks for Blood Pressure, BMI and Body composition, alongside Cardiovascular and diabetes risk assessments and complemented by mental health surveys. Instant recommendations can be customised to create health pathways, wherever possible keeping people out of primary care. You can find our health stations in hospitals, shops, offices and community centres.

Via SiSU’s online portal and app, where we gamify and reward interaction, members can monitor their data over time and access a range of behavioural change programs.

One third of our members are from the BAME community while over a half live in areas of the highest deprivation. Typically 90% of new members wont have had their blood pressure checked in the previous 12 months, of which over a fifth will be identified as hypertensive. We aim to provide everyone in society the opportunity to engage with their health, to build literacy and to take action.

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