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The wonderful Maxine Mackintosh, Co-Director at One HealthTech welcomes you to HETT 2021 virtual. Maxine explains what you can expect from this library of content.

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The sessions included on this page are CPD certified, however, certificates are only available to those that attend the physical conference. 

Keynote Address: The New Transformation Directorate

Stream Timothy Ferris, Director of Transformation, NHS England and Improvement as he shares insights into the roll out vision that will drive forward the NHS long-term plan.

Fireside Chat: Transforming our NHS – Insights into the Strategic Vision that is Driving Forward the Long Term Plan

An overview of the priorities of the NHS transformation directorate, wider ambitions for integrated care systems, reflections on and lessons learned during the pandemic, and the future vision that identifies how we prioritise immediate need with longer term system transformation.

Chair: Andy Kinnear, Former NHS Chief Information Officer, Ethical Healthcare Consulting

Speakers: Iain O’Neil, Director of Digital Transformation, NHSX

Creating a “next generation” EPR

This session will outline how the collaborative development of the Nervecentre EPR Product at Leicester’s Hospitals is Putting Usability First:

  • The challenges of a clinically and standards led co-design process
  • Putting mobile first and usability at the centre
  • Building a digital product management approach to keep up with evolving needs
  • “PAS last” to prioritise clinical value

Speakers: Andy Carruthers, CIO, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

Supporting the Frontline to Deliver What Good Looks Like for Digital Transformation

NHSX’s ‘What Good Looks Like‘ framework sets out a common vision for good digital practice to empower frontline leaders to accelerate digital transformation in their organisations. The framework has seven success measures that are applicable to all care settings. Listen to NHSX senior leaders with digital leaders from NHS organisations and patient representatives to discuss what the framework means on the frontline of health and care.

Chair: Gary Ford CBE, Chair, AHSN Network and Chief Executive, Oxford AHSN


  • Sonia Patel, Chief Information Officer, NHSX
  • Darren McKenna, Director of Informatics, Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust
  • Ayesha Rahim, Chief Clinical Information Officer, Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust
  • Barry Frostick, Regional Director of Digital Transformation, NHS England
  • Eddie Olla, Regional Director for Digital Transformation, NHS Midlands

Security & Identity: How Hindsight Helps Us Plan for the Future of Healthcare

Okta’s approach to security across all aspects of our lives has changed considerably over the last 20 years. From firewalls to the cloud, Max Faun explores how security technology has evolved since the start of the millennium and how the healthcare industry can reap the benefits. One size no longer fits all but everything does come down to trust, or lack of it! Is Zero Trust the way forward for an identity-centric secure future for healthcare? Max looks at four pillars that the healthcare sector can apply to gain trust back and amplify your digital transformation journey.

Speaker: Max Faun, Head of Value Consulting, EMEA

Creating Clinical Confidence: A Long-Term System-Wide Approach to Adopting and Scaling AI

  • Clinical confidence in the implementation stage – what does this mean for workflows and tasks at this stage
  • Understanding the different requirements of AI systems and assurances between different specialties and applications – how does this affect implementation?
  • Darted prog – skills gap and education need in workforce

Chair: Maxine Mackintosh, Co-Director, One HealthTech


  • Amrita Kumar, AI Clinical Lead & Consultant Radiologist, Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust
  • Michael Nix, Clinical Scientist – AI implementation, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Haris Shuaib, Consultant Physicist, Head of Clinical Scientific Computing, AI lead, Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust
  • Daniel Bamford, Deputy Director AI Award, NHS England and Improvement

Learning from the Past and the Present to Plan for an Uncertain Future: How a Vision and Infrastructure Need to be Good Enough for Now

How do you plan the digital strategy and infrastructure for what is to be the largest hospital opening in the UK in recent years? One that can become a living case study to inspire transformation in other Trusts?

    • Lessons from the 19th century: What the Victorians can teach us about modern healthcare
    • How a hospital functions today and why it’s important to think about transformation differently
    • What other organisations in the business of care are doing to modernise, and how we can learn from them
    • Why a “what would Amazon do?” approach won’t quite work
    • Practical steps to getting a digital vision and infrastructure as right as possible


    • Martin Sadler, CIO, Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust
    • Simon Wilson, CTO, Aruba

CHIME: Establishing Goals and Expectations for Digitally Enabled Nursing and Midwifery

What this on-demand session to learn:

  • How do digital skills sit within competency frameworks to develop the whole workforce?
  • Education and regulation – How the NMC plans to support digital scale up?
  • Data collection and record-keeping
  • Blended learning, Nursing Degree (HEE)
  • Considering professional regulations for all NHS managers – Establishing a mandate to accredit the CNIO

Chair: Jane Dwelly, VP, CHIME


  • Tracey Eyre, Programme Lead ‘Digital Readiness – Nursing’, Health Education England
  • Hermione Jackson, Digital Midwife, Kings College Hospital NHS FT
  • Helen Balsdon, Florence Nightingale Foundation Digital Leadership Fellow, NHSX
  • Daniel Johnston, Senior Clinical Workflow Specialist and Clinical Safety Officer, Imprivata

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – The Quiet Revolution and the Loud Future

Stream this on-demand session where we:

  • Reflect on the journey of RPA across the NHS to date and successes in areas such as HR, IT and Finance
  • Dive deeper into the cutting edge opportunities for RPA across more specialities and areas of clinical practice

Chair: Tremaine Richard-Noel, Head of Emerging Technology and Intelligent Automation Programme Director, Northampton General Hospital NHS FT


  • Pete Waddingham, Programme Manager, Yorkshire & Humber AHSN, part of the AHSN Network
  • Mike Watson, Digital Lead, East Midlands AHSN, part of the AHSN Network
  • Jade Ackers, Programme Director-Digital Productivity, NHSX

Understanding Digital Maturity in Primary Care

In this on-demand session, our experts discuss:

  • How can primary care organisations measure their digital maturity
  • How can the formation of PCN’s help support and develop digital maturity across local areas
  • How can primary care engage at ICS level with digitally mature sites

Chair: Omar Din, Managing Director – Primary Care, AT Medics


  • Radhika Rangaraju, Programme Director – Digital Pharmacy, Optometry, Dentistry, Ambulance and Community Services, NHSX
  • Selvaseelan Selvarajah, GP, Bromley by Bow
  • Nausheen Hameed, GP and Health Technology Advisor, UCL Partners, part of the AHSN Network
  • James Palmer, Programme Head Social Care, NHS Digital

Improving End to End Workflow and Efficiencies in Secondary and Tertiary Care Referrals

In this on-demand session, our experts discuss:

  • Patient Pass – The journey, the why and how it happened?
  • Increase in the potential for agile information sharing
  • Simplifying barriers in IG


  • Andrew Webster, Chief Clinical Information Officer, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust

What Good (Data) Looks Like – Mapping Your Data Maturity

Data is central to delivering the reforms that Integrated Care Systems promise. As Trusts embrace the challenge of getting to good, in increasingly integrated and complex systems, we will explore the need for organisations to balance the needs of securing and managing data to generate insights central to Population Health management.

This session will explore how Trusts can map their data maturity and determine the critical steps they can take today to get from ‘Good’ to ‘Excellent’.

Speaker: Brian Painting, Client Director, UKCloud Health

Chair Welcome Address with Sam Shah

Our wonderful Steering Committee Chair, and digital health extraordinaire, Sam Shah shares an overview of what to expect from the Digital Maturity Forum, from digital health innovation strategies and case studies to advanced technologies including AI, automation and robotics!

Keynote Fireside Talk with Simon Bolton, CEO, NHS Digital

The HETT Steering Committee Chair, Sam Shah reflects over the last 18 months with Simon Bolton, CEO of NHS Digital. Simon shared how the last year has changed the direction of his career dramatically, what NHS Digital are up to and innovation for the future.

Chair: Sam Shah, Chair, HETT Steering Committee


  • Simon Bolton, Chief Executive Officer, NHS Digital

How to level up: From good to great - maintaining momentum in healthcare innovation

  • Growth areas for innovation in healthcare – where are the biggest opportunities?
  • Redefining existing technologies to be used in an innovative way, examples and opportunities across the health and care system.
  • Ensuring clinical and digital teams have the right tools, access to data, skills and strategy to level up innovative ideas into working programmes in clinical settings.
  • Bringing together research programmes and pilots into working healthcare settings.
  • Innovation and transformation fatigue? Are teams feeling this and how can we combat it for progress?
  • Working with the right partners to implement a digital foundation strategy that delivers long term to allow for innovation at scale.
  • Unifying transformation goals to deliver across different teams and divisions
  • Frontier planning – How to implement flexible innovation strategies that deliver long term results for your health care organisation

Chair: Sam Shah, Chair, HETT Steering Committee


  • Matthew Whitty, Chief Executive Officer, Accelerated Access Collaborative
  • Niamh McKenna, Chief Executive Officer, NHS Resolution
  • Toby Avery, CDIO, Surrey and Borders Partnership FT
  • James Davis, Director of Innovation, Royal Free NHS FT
  • Brian Painting, Client Director, UKCloud Health

Driving Innovation in the Provision of Better Healthcare

As a GDE, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust knew that digitising medical records was a key part of their digital strategy.

Hear how they partnered with Xerox to:

  • Leverage the trust’s ‘digital at point of care’ strategy
  • Implement an end-to-end record scanning service
  • Deliver a secure cloud-based document management system
  • Release 1680m2 of floor space for clinical use so far
  • Save £9.75m
  • Reduce the health records budget to 25% of the original spend


  • Linda Watts, General Manager Outpatients & Patient Access and Head of Health Records, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

The Transformational Gap: Addressing Algorithmic Bias to Enable Delivery of AI at Pace and Scale and the Potential Power of AI for Predictive and Preventative Care

Our incredible panel of experts discuss the potential power of AI for Predictive and Preventative Care; reimaging healthcare pathways to align with AI capability; ensuring ethics remains at the centre of your data strategy Building AI and ML learning and predictive models that are unbiased; how to responsibly achieve patient diversity to deliver effective care; data-driven healthcare as a force for greater health equity; how AI and ML can revolutionise the way healthcare data is analysed and delivered and enhance efficiencies, reduce risk, increase value, improve outcomes and reduce clinical variation.

Chair: Allison Gardner, CO Founder, Keele University, Woman in AI Network


  • Brhmie Balaram, Head of AI Research and Ethics, NHSX
  • Nadine Hachach-Haram, Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Head of Clinical Innovation, Guy’s and St. Thomas’s NHS Trust
  • Daniel Ray, Chief Technology Officer Data Protection Officer for the Trust, Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust
  • Peter Buckle, Principal Research Fellow, NIHR London In Vitro Diagnostics Co-operative Division of Surgery Dept of Surgery and Cancer Faculty of Medicine
  • Neha Puri, Principal, Faculty

Delivering Better Healthcare Experiences using Patient Insights

Patient feedback continues to highlight that there is an opportunity for healthcare firms to improve the experiences they deliver. This ultimately stems from increasing patient expectations and healthcare providers having a lagged, limited and rearview understanding of experiences. To ensure a positive healthcare experience, it’s now imperative to be able to continuously understand and act on each patient’s experience.
Key takeaways:

  • The value of patient insights
  • How to innovate the future of patient experience
  • How leading healthcare groups are seeing success in their patient experience initiatives


  • Nigel Herbert, Industry Director – EMEA Public Sector & HealthCare, Medallia
  • Jo Thomson, Director – Consumer Consulting, KPMG
  • Michał Dubno, CX Director, LuxMed

Delivering Better Healthcare Experiences using Patient Insights

Patient feedback continues to highlight that there is an opportunity for healthcare firms to improve the experiences they deliver. This ultimately stems from increasing patient expectations and healthcare providers having a lagged, limited and rearview understanding of experiences. To ensure a positive healthcare experience, it’s now imperative to be able to continuously understand and act on each patient’s experience.

Key takeaways:

  • The value of patient insights
  • How to innovate the future of patient experience
  • How leading healthcare groups are seeing success in their patient experience initiatives


  • Nigel Herbert, Industry Director – EMEA Public Sector & HealthCare, Medallia
  • Jo Thomson, Director – Consumer Consulting, KPMG
  • Michał Dubno, CX Director, LuxMed

Delivering True ROI with an Inclusive Digital Healthcare Landscape: Why Digital Mature Sites Prioritise Inclusive End to End Digital Services

Significant challenges, including regulatory uncertainty, increased demand for services, population changes, new care models, and a more informed and involved patient base is forcing healthcare industry leaders to rethink their strategies. We consider each challenge to be tackled and the real gains to be made by proactively delivering against these and designing end to end fully digitally inclusive services.

  • Leadership – training and succession planning
  • Leveraging Diversity & Inclusion in the Workforce and Workplace
  • Building inclusive and representative datasets to support equitable discovery and innovation in digital health care.
  • Building in process and steps to combat current lack of accountability.
  • How to Foster a Culture of Inclusion
  • Service Design and the sector-wide shift to patient-centered care and services

Chair: Sam Shah, Chair, HETT Steering Committee


  • Owen Chinembiri, Senior Implementation Lead at the Race and Health Observatory, NHS Confed
  • Melissa Andison, Associate Chief Clinical Information Officer, Surrey and Borders NHS Foundation Trust
  • Emma Stone, Head of Comms, Service Design, Good Things Foundation
  • Stuart Watkins, Strategic Business Manager for NHS, CCS
  • Rishi Das-Gupta, Chief Executive Officer, Health Innovation Network, part of the AHSN Network

Digital Transformation: How Riverbed has helped NHS Trusts transform their network and improve application performance

Digital transformation is top of the agenda for the healthcare sector with a number of network and application performance issues still unresolved. In this session we will be discussing:

  • How Riverbed has recently helped NHS Trusts gain network visibility, accelerate application performance and workforce productivity
  • Optimising Microsoft Office 365 and enhancing end-user productivity with Riverbed
  • Understanding the impact your network has on end-user experience with end-to-end visibility
  • How to provide an in-office experience for remote workers with fast, agile, and predictable delivery of applications to anyone, anywhere
  • Acceleration of critical large download files and reduced response times to clinical applications


  • John Atkinson, Director, Solutions Engineering, UK & Ireland, Riverbed Technology

How University Hospital Southampton critical care adapted during Covid-19 with the help of MetaVision

How University Hospital Southampton critical care adapted during COVID-19 with the help of MetaVision

  • Challenges to Intensive Care during the pandemic
  • Meeting new challenges with MetaVision configurability
  • Medication management with MetaVision


  • Matthew Cordingly, Clinical Lead for MetaVision, University Hospital Southampton

Innovating at the Edge: Enabling Covid Secure Communication Strategies for an Electronic – ICU Insights from Royal Brompton

  • Award-winning (Future Healthcare Journal) innovation which enabled new/untrained clinicians in ITU to learn from and communicate with experienced colleagues between Red and Green Zones
  • The digital tools which enabled patient virtual visitations
  • E-ICU using teams, webcams etc.
  • Video consultations, but encompassing:
    • Attend Anywhere
    • MS Forms for PROMs etc
    • MS Teams for communication and e-outcome forms
    • MS Bookings for self-booking and multi-professional/patient consultations
    • digital appt letters
  • Wajid Hussain, Consultant cardiologist, Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals
  • Adam Ingra, Innovation Programme Director, Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals

Digital Aspirants Program and Blueprinting Team Hosted Session

Part 1| Focus on Frontline Digitisation 

  • Overview of how the Frontline Digitisation work is being delivered and what Trusts need to know
  • Providing an update on how Digital Aspirants are progressing

Part 2Frontline Digitisation: Blueprinting and shared learning through NHSX’s Digital Aspirant programme

Nearly 60 trusts are now receiving funding and support for their digital transformation journey through NHSX’s Digital Aspirant programme. Digital Aspirants are also using blueprints from other NHS organisations to guide their digital transformation, as well as producing their own for others to use. Join senior leaders from NHSX with representatives of Digital Aspirant trusts for an update on frontline digitisation and a discussion on their early experiences of Blueprinting and the value of shared learning with their peers.

Chair: Dermot Ryan, Frontline Digitisation Director, NHSX


  • Paul Charnley, Digital Lead, Cheshire and Merseyside Health and Care Partnership
  • James Reed, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist & Chief Clinical Information Officer, Birmingham and Solihull NHS Foundation Trust
  • Justin Griffiths, Head of IT, The Walton Centre NHS FT
  • Tracy Sowersby, Assistant Director of Information Services, Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Iain Fletcher, Assistant Director of Programmes for Blueprinting, NHSX

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