Welcome to the Digital Empowered Patient Theatre On-Demand

Our wonderful Steering Committee member, Supporter and Speaker, Liz Ashall-Payne, Chief Executive Officer at ORCHA, gives you an overview of what to expect from the Digitally Empowered Patient Theatre. Stream the sessions on-demand at your own leisure. Enjoy!

The content is CPD certified however, certificates are only available to those that attend the physical conference. 

Designing Inclusion into Digital Health: How to Take Action on Health Inequalities

In this session our speakers discuss social prescribing for health inequalities; digital prescribing/prescribing access and digital tools; person-centric care, building digital tools around the healthy patient as well as the sick patient; clinical service design, user design in patient-focused technologies and weeding out the barriers for uptake; patient engagement, reaching ‘hard to reach groups’ considering diversity and inclusion in design and phase 3 recovery letter, 8 urgent actions for health inequalities, mitigate against exclusion through data.

Chair: Liz Ashall-Payne, Chief Executive Officer, ORCHA


  • Lord Victor Adebowale, Chair, NHS Confederation
  • Bola Owolabi, Director Health Inequalities, NHS England and Improvement
  • Mel Hughes, Deputy Lead, Research Centre for Seldom Heard Voices
  • Richard Stubbs, Chief Executive Officer, Yorkshire and Humber AHSN and Vice Chair, the AHSN Network
  • Roz Davies, Managing Director, Thrive by Design

Empowering Twelve Million Patients, their Families and AHPs

This session will discuss the dos, don’ts and must-haves in preparing a digital health technology for widespread adoption. The speakers examine patient and public involvement; the ‘value-based healthcare’ approach and how digital health solutions can improve efficiencies of Clinical Teams as well as patient outcomes, as well as insights on how ORCHA see the regulatory environment changing over the years ahead and how best to prepare.

Chair: Ian Pearce, Founder, Neuro ProActive


  • Liz Ashall-Payne, Chief Executive Officer, ORCHA
  • Sally Lewis, National Clinical Lead for Value-Based and Prudent Healthcare, NHS Wales
  • Lisa Beaumont MCIM, Stroke Survivor, Patient Representative
  • Hassan Chaudhury, Healthcare UK, Department for International Trade

Remote Health: Enabling Citizens to be Supported at Home Through Tech Enabled Care Across the Health and Care Sector

Our speakers discuss how to:

  • Establish a partnership with patients?
  • Set up an effective communication between clinicians and citizens/patients
  • Support staff to deliver this care differently?
  • Improve the backlog of demand in the NHS
  • Use remote tools to support different models of care

Chair: Breid O’Brien, Deputy Director – Digital Health, NHSX


  • Catherine Dale, Programme Director (Patient Safety), Health Innovation Network, part of the AHSN Network
  • Emily Wells, Chief Nurse Information Officer (CNIO), Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Tim Straughan, Director of NHS @ home, NHS England & NHS Improvement
  • Alice Ainsworth, Deputy Director for Social Care Tech Policy, NHSX

Increasing patient activation and engagement through joined up digital solutions

Joins this insightful session as Salesforce discuss:

  • Bringing tried & tested digital engagement practices to the healthcare sector
  • Enabling patients to play a more active role in managing their care
  • Increasing take-up and attendance through active engagement
  • Making it easier for patients to access care and support.


  • Jane Tyacke, Director of Strategy & Business Development, Public Sector Healthcare, Salesforce
  • Jonathan Meddes, Director, Health Technology, Deloitte

Prevention and Management of Mental Health with Digital Tools

In this session, our experts discuss how can digital health tools help us better map out what services are/are not available; the needs and inconsistencies with mental health services; using digital to improve ethnic minority groups uptake in accessing mental health services; mitigating backlog of problems with ‘While You Wait‘ services; the new service user experience with digital tools factored in; the opportunities for mental health with ICS’s; digital emergency triage for mental health crisis – NHS 111 mental health service.

Chair: Roz Davies, Managing Director, Thrive by Design


  • Yvonne Mhlanga-Nyamapfene, Head of Mental Health Commissioning, Berkshire West CCG
  • Lia Ali, Consultant Psychiatrist, Clinical Advisor, NHSX
  • Hilary Tovey, Digital Mental Health Lead, NHS England and Improvement

Supporting care delivery through a pandemic with a Shared Care Record

This on-demand session examines:

  • How the Connecting Your Care programme responded to the pandemic
  • How ubiquitous access for clinicians to a Shared Care Record improved the patient experience
  • Where to next to maximise the benefits for patients


  • Jane Wilson, CCIO South West London NHS
  • Simon Evans, Managing Director, Nautilus Consulting Ltd

Evaluating the Impact of Digital Health Interventions on Patients

Stream this session to hear our expert panel discuss:

  • Understanding how to capture useful data
  • Qualitative and anecdotal experience as evidence
  • Patient testimonials
  • Which cohorts are managing their own health and how can different solutions be targeted to help?

Chair: Lisa Hollins, Director of Innovation, NHSX


  • Melanie Martin, Senior Delivery Manager, NHSX
  • Liz Ashall-Payne, Chief Executive Officer, ORCHA
  • Janice Mobed, Global Healthcare Product Manager, Lenovo
  • Rachael Kent, Lecturer in Digital Economy & Society Education, UCL
  • Sarah Jones, Patient Representative

TechUK Hosted: Making the Business Case for User-Centred Design

Over the past year, TechUK, NHSX, and NHS Digital came together to create a user-centred Design Working Group with the aim to support the public sector organisations to work together with industry to champion user-centered design, identify good practice and share expertise and knowledge.

For this session, members of the Working Group will look at the place of user-centred design professionals in the digital and informatics workforce, what good user-centred design looks like for health and care, and identify how to help those commissioning digital products become “expert” clients.


  • Victoria Betton, Director, PeopleDotCom
  • Imogen Levy, Head of Digital and User Centred Design, Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Simon Dixon, Deputy Director for User Centred Design, Assurance and Technology Digital Transformation Team, NHSX
  • Dean Vipond, Lead Designer, NHS Digital

ORCHA Hosted Session: Apps and Wearables – Preventative tools: Remote Monitoring and Self-Management in a Post-COVID World

Stream this session to learn:

  • How can we use digital health to provide preventative support, remote monitoring, and enable self-management in a post-COVID world?
  • How can digital health be used to support long-term behaviour changes?
  • What are the main challenges we’re still facing today with regards to preventative tools?

Chair: Liz Ashall-Payne, Chief Executive Officer, ORCHA


  • Debbie Wake, CEO and Chief Medical Officer, MyWay Digital Health
  • Felicia Vaz, Project Manager, FibriCheck
  • Susan Jones, Senior Stop Smoking Specialist, Yorkshire Smokefree Service

‘The Future is Hybrid’ Total Digital Triage and the Future of Access to the NHS

In this integral session we outline the impact of online access on staff and patients (increasing workload / the capacity to change demand type and frequency);  how to find the right balance of virtual vs physical appointments and designing pathways to make both appointment types appropriately accessible; different approaches to service delivery models between practices and how are decisions made; who the ‘HomeFirst’ and ‘Left shift’ trends are impacting the patient and clinical experiences; understanding the impact of user design and usability of Digital Triage.

Chair: Roz Davies, Managing Director, Thrive by Design


  • Minal Bakhai; Clinical Director Digital First Primary Care; NHS England and Improvement
  • Farzana Hussain; GP/Clinical Director; Newnham PCN
  • Ed Turnham; GP and CCIO; Norfolk and Waveney CCG
  • Graham Kendall; Director; Digital Healthcare Council

How to Transform your Patient Care Strategy Successfully Digitally

In this session, Pexip’s Head of Healthcare, Tom Jones, will talk through some of the success stories for Pexip Health with customers such as NSW Health, Veterans Affairs & Belfast HSC Trust. Tom will also look at some of the processes and procedures to consider when transforming your patient care strategies.

  • Leveraging secure cloud services to collaborate with colleagues & patients with the equipment you already have
  • Clinicians can maintain existing workflows but extend their capabilities through cloud interoperability
  • Patient facing video consultation through a web browser with no download and no Apps
  • Customised and branded patient facing virtual waiting rooms to ensure patient confidence in their waiting area
  • Services hosted and managed by Trust IT teams

Remote Patient Monitoring: Real World Stories Supporting People at Home Through Tech Enabled Care

In this session, our expert panel discuss:

  • Patient impact of being cared for at home
  • Evaluating the impact of remote care on different cohorts of patients
  • Impact on care pathways integration
  • Impact on quality of care and clinical outcomes
  • The power dynamic between different groups of staff delivering tech-enabled joined-up care
  • Care without boundaries enabled by technology

Chair: Roz Davies, Managing Director, Thrive by Design


  • Breid O’Brien, Deputy Director – Digital Health, NHSX
  • Andrew Barlow, Clinical Lead for Respiratory Medicine, West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Louise Keene, Nursing Manager, Whittington Health
  • Stephanie Somerville, Deputy Director – Community Health Services, NHS England
  • Sylvia Mthabela, Care Home Manager, Fernbank Nursing Home, Fernbank Nursing Home, Barnet

Croydon Health Services NHS Trust: How continuous remote monitoring is enabling us to support higher acuity patients at home

In this session, our expert panel discuss:

  • How the virtual care model at Croydon has evolved under the pressure of the coronavirus pandemic
  • The role of virtual care within both primary and secondary care settings
  • The significance of continuous vital sign monitoring within the home and the impact on patient care and experience (including insight into individual patient case studies)
  • The clinical and operational outcomes that have been achieved through virtual care since implementation


  • Francesca Demain, Darzi Fellow – Croydon Virtual Wards, Croydon Health Services NHS Trust
  • Elizabeth Heitz, Consultant Geriatrician and Chief Clinical Information Officer & Digital Lead, Croydon Health Services NHS Trust

Setting up Comprehensive Digital Infrastructure for Patient Facing Technologies

In this session, our expert panel discuss:

  • Preparing your organisation by setting up the internal infrastructure ready to connect patient technologies.
  • Getting the patient pathways and data flows ready to roll out apps, wearables, and patient health records.


  • Sally Lewis, National Clinical Lead for Value-Based and Prudent Healthcare, NHS Wales
  • Stephen Frith, Programme Director – Digital Services for Patient and Public, Digital Health & Care Wales

‘How not Why’ – Driving the Transformation in Patient-Centric Digital Transformation

In this session, our expert panel discuss:

  • Digital Transformation to drive change
  • Placing the Patient at the heart of digital transformation
  • Adding value to the system to drive patient-centric digital transformation


  • Liz Ashall-Payne, Chief Executive Officer, ORCHA
  • Uday Bose, Country Managing Director & Head of Human Pharma, Boehringer Ingelheim

Digital and Social Prescribing: A Vehicle for Delivering Health Equity

In this on-demand session our experts discuss:

  • The ethics of social prescribing – building community activity around patient needs, thinking beyond illness and into wellness.
  • Combining efforts holistically across health, social care and third sector support organisations in communities.
  • Personalised care planning and patient-initiated treatment considered as a wider approach to digital.
  • How to utilise and work collaboratively with volunteer and community services.

Chair: Angela Maragna, Head of Delivery at NHS Digital, Co-Director of One HealthTech


  • Lia Ali, Consultant Psychiatrist, Clinical Advisor, NHSX
  • Denys Rayner, Partnerships Associate, South West Academic Health Science Network
  • Alf Collins, Clinical Director, Personalised Care Group, NHS England and Improvement

Enhancing Digitally Enabled Care with Chat Bot Mental Health Services

Stream this session to join, Leanne Taylor, Project Support Officer for Digital Health at Lincolnshire CCG as she uncovers how to:

  • Establish rapid roll out of 24/7 access to digital mental health services
  • Deliver a safe and impactful service
  • Understand the parameters with which you wish to design your chat bot services.
    • Offering improved access to health and wellbeing services
    • Urgent and Emergency Access to support before crisis point.
    • Set up to enable signposting to necessary services and information quickly and as needed.
  • Plus, what is the potential for chat bot services?
    • E-learning packages to support well being
    • Bespoke service dependent on appetite and need of patient is possible on an integrated platform.

Supporting Mental Health Pathways through Digital Health

Our experts discuss how, where, and when can mental health support clinical pathways; what should be included in mental health recovery action plans; how can digital health be used to enable person-centred mental wellbeing; digital mental health in a post COVID world; supporting mental health professionals and clinicians deliver better care through the digital care pathway; patient recovery at the heart of digital mental health.

Chair: Lloyd Humphreys, Managing Director, ORCHA


  • Ross O’Brien, Associate Director Innovation and Technology, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust; incoming Managing Director, WYSA
  • Arden Tomison, Founder, Thalamos
  • Oliver Rawlinson, Patient Representative, Ayesha Rahim
  • Ayesha Rahim, Chief Clinical Information Officer, Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust

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