Achieving Diversity in the Digital Response During and Beyond COVID-19 - HETT Show

Achieving Diversity in the Digital Response During and Beyond COVID-19

Join our expert panel as they discuss:

  • How will digitalisation meet the requirements and enhance care of patients with specific needs, such as learning disabilities?
  • Where are the assumptions of many products and services and how have these resulted in services which are lacking? What do we need to do to see change?
  • How poor access and a non-inclusive digital infrastructure can act as a major health determinant for patients in addition to physical, socioeconomic and personal behaviours
  • Digital Literacy: acknowledging the gaps and last mile delivery. Who is not online, and how do we get information to people?
  • How do language/communication barriers contribute towards inequalities?
  • Reaching and managing those with multifaceted challenges sitting within lower socio-economic groups
  • Avoiding digital exclusion – as we provide more digital solutions, are we creating more opportunities or disadvantages?


Chair: Dr Shera Chok, Co-Founder, Shuri Network / GP, Tower Hamlets

– Ijeoma Azado, Associate Director, Clinical and Health Service Design, National Digital Services (NDS) Scotland

– Kevin Holton, Head – Experience of Care and Equalities and Health Inequalities, NHS England

– Emma Stone, Director of Design, Research and Communications, Good Things Foundation

– Andrew Griffiths, Chief Executive, FEDIP (and former CIO Wales)