HETT Roundtables

9:30 am
Scaling automation from tactical to strategic: driving value for your patients and teams whilst maximising ROI

Intelligent automation has proved itself as a valuable element of healthcare organisations’ digital toolkit, and throughout the pandemic has enabled critical operational agility and respite for NHS staff. But despite the impressive host of use cases available, and a plethora of well-laid plans, more can still be done to drive value for patients and teams to help get the NHS back on track and continue delivering world-class care.

This 90-minute roundtable discussion is dedicated to helping organizations maximise the output of their digital workforce and scale their deployment both in terms of organisational uptake and benefits return.

For Trusts not yet on their automation journey, this will be an opportunity to hear first-hand from industry leaders in an open forum.

Join us to learn:

  • How to gain internal buy in to scale your automation programme across departments
  • How you can become strategic with your automation roadmap to ensure future sustainability
  • Where exactly are other Trusts automating? and the impact of those processes

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11:00 am
Health Care AI: Applications and Challenges

This DataRobot hosted roundtable will examine:

  • Use Cases & prioritisation after Covid
  • Trust, Governance and Regulation
  • Avoiding Bias in deployed models and other current challenges
  • AI in Clinical Settings
  • AI in R&D

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Amro Safadi 
Amro Safadi 
Lead Data Scientist