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Ian Pearce

Founder - Neuro ProActive

After obtaining a masters degree in engineering at the University of Warwick, Ian started work in the City of London as a bond trader.

Following his father’s stroke in 2017, Ian commissioned the development of an online and app-based platform for stroke rehabilitation. In 2020, he decided to apply what was learned in the previous three years to a new platform for all neurological conditions.

Built in partnership with L2S2 Ltd, Neuro ProActive is the result of three years of development involving hundreds of patients, family members and Allied Health Professionals. Launching in August 2021, Neuro ProActive has been developed to medical device standards and can interface with Primary Care and Hospital Systems.

A low-cost solution, at least 15 NHS Trusts will adopt Neuro ProActive at launch, enabling a multi-disciplinary approach to patient-centred care. The platform is also suitable for therapy teams in private practice.