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Rachael Kent

Lecturer in Digital Economy & Society Education - UCL

Dr. Rachael Kent is founder of digital health consultancy Dr. Digital Health (https://www.drdigitalhealth.co.uk/), and a Lecturer in Digital Economy & Society Education, Department of Digital Humanities at King’s College London.

Having empirically researched the impact of digital technology on our mental and physical health for over 15 years, Kent’s current research and publications focus upon COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions impact upon digital saturation, tech overload, and strategies for healthy tech habits and digital detox.

Kent’s research regularly appears in press and podcasts including BBC News, Forbes Magazine, The Independent, Runners World, BrainCare Metro UK, and Metric Life.

Dr. Kent’s consultancy and corporate wellness business Dr. Digital Health provides individuals, employees, and business strategy with evidence-based research into the impact of digital technology on mental and physical health, for managing healthier relationships with technology compulsions, overload, and fatigue for your everyday personal and professional life.