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Simon Wilson

CTO UK&I - Aruba Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company

I like to challenge the technology hype to deliver real solutions @ Aruba

Technology is, I believe, our greatest invention. But there’s a lot of over-hyped nonsense spoken too.

I have a background in technology that spans more than 25 years, right back to the beginning of the internet and long before the emergence of cloud. In that time, I’ve seen a swathe of technology come and go – and return once more, often with a new name, new use cases and a fresh dose of optimism.

But affixing ‘smart’ or ‘software-defined’ doesn’t make a device or technology stack relevant.

I take it as a serious responsibility to help my customers cut through the techno-babble so they are clear on what technology can really do for them – without the bells and whistles. I take the time to truly listen to issues and elevate the conversation to value, focusing only on solutions that fully solve the problem.

Each day for me is about communication; working cross-departmentally to communicate and deliver the best experience to customers, from among the rich portfolio of technology solutions offered by Aruba and our partners.

For me, Aruba is a welcome break to the mould. Combining start-up agility and culture with major global player resources and reach, we deliver innovative technical differentiation – based around the needs of our customers. It’s about candour and honesty. I’m glad to say I play a central role in challenging the technology hype to help keep the industry honest.