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Tero Väänänen

Head of Service Design - NHS Digital

Tero Väänänen is Head of Design at NHS Digital.   He is a designer and an engineer at heart, focusing on user needs with a desire to ensure that NHS digital products and services are accessible to everyone.

Tero has over 15 years experience of in solving experience and engagement problems for businesses and their customers.

He helps businesses to engage with their customers and achieve their business KPIs with Human Centred Design; whether it’s a conversion problem on a mobile site, disengaging content on a website, or a Service Design problem on the wider ecosystem with wearables and the Internet of Things.

He believes in designing services, not just individual products in isolation, understanding the target audience’s goals, drivers, and emotional blockers through user research, creating a solid content strategy and creating concise and persuasive copy, applying game science to create persuasion, identifying and measuring both business and UX metrics along the way, and in the beautiful engaging services, the combination of all these will produce.

User Experience Strategy, UX leadership, Service Design, user-centered design, problem-solving, persuasive design, game science, game mechanics, gamification, user research, user testing, usability, measuring UX, identifying KPIs, wearable technology, Internet of Things, IoT, Lean UX, workshop facilitation, co-creation, visual design, Customer Journey Mapping, GDS.