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Tero Väänänen

Head of Service Design - NHS Digital

Tero Väänänen is a thought-leader in user-centred service design for health & care. He has over 20 years of experience in applying user-centred design in telecoms, finance, and health & care sectors, and leading organisations to become more user-centred.

Currently Head of Design for NHS Digital, Tero has been leading on applying design thinking into health & care, actively pushing the NHS to become more service design led and user-centered. He’s extremely proud of leading the user-centred service design for COVID-19 Digital Testing and Vaccinations services during the pandemic. Tero is a champion and sponsor for the NHS Service Manual, which publishes standards, our design system and design principles. Without the NHS Service Manual, the swift delivery of multiple usable and inclusive services to respond to the pandemic would not have possible, within NHS Digital and across the wider NHS.

Tero has always been fascinated with how things work, and how to design them to be better. He has academic qualifications in Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Engineering and Master of Arts in Interactive Multimedia, strong foundations for the blend of his passions for engineering and design, helping teams to solve the right problem the right way.