Andy Williams - HETT 2020

Andy Williams

Interim Chief Digital and Information Officer
Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Andy Williams is a nationally recognised Chief Information Officer with over 20 years experience leading health and social care digital delivery. The experience Andy has ranges from turn-around CIO roles to national leadership roles to most recently the long term interim role at Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust.

Andy has delivered large scale digitally inspired change throughout the health and social care system ensuring that clinical and patient led change is delivered by teams with a patient focus. Andy leads with a people first style, creates collaborative environments at all levels of an organisation and has a wealth of experience ensuring that teams are created in new and innovative ways that offers the right platform for successful delivery.

In the most recent roles Andy has led a team of 400 people who have created one of the most efficient digital teams in the NHS. The solution he has delivered in this role  is viewed as one of the most ‘customer’ focused solutions in the NHS by independent international organisations. Andy is an advisor, a thought leader and considered by the NHS CIO community as being one of the most accomplished turn around CIOs in the business.