Carol Read | Proudly speaking at HETT 2020

Carol Read

Digital Health and Innovation Consultant
Carol Read Consultancy,
NHS Digital Academy Graduate and Faculty Team
NHS Digital Academy
Carol Read will be speaking at HETT 2020

Carol is a mentor on the NHSE Clinical Entrepreneurship programme and was listed as a top fifty healthcare innovator by the HSJ in 2014. Carol was a member of the Scan4Safety team at Salisbury bringing her clinical innovation and quality improvement skillset to the National demonstrator programme.
She has over 24 years’ experience in the NHS as a nurse/lecture practitioner, innovator and programme manager. Recently completed a two-year NHSE fellowship with the Horizons Team where she was the editor of The Edge NHS. Building on this work Carol has developed international crowdsourcing platforms and digital broadcasting for transformational change.
Carol has a passion for innovation and connecting through networks. She holds an MSC in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, BSC Nursing, diplomas in management/coaching and is a member of the Q community.