Dilshan Arawwawala | Proudly speaking at HETT 2020

Dilshan Arawwawala

Chief Clinical Information Officer
Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust
Dilshan Arawwawala is speaking at HETT 2020

Dr Dilshan Arawwawala is a Hospital Consultant and Chief Clinical Information Officer for Mid-Essex Hospitals NHS Trust.  He has a strong background in research and quality improvement.

As CCIO, he clinically-led the implementation and optimisation of an EPR and other health information systems and has recently completed the NHS Digital Academy Diploma in Digital Health Leadership.

Dr Arawwawala is also a digital entrepreneur, co-founding ShiftPartner as a fellow of the MSE Institute. He recognises the importance of a collaborative approach between the NHS, suppliers and end-users in delivering health quality improvement through digital transformation.