Iain Buchan - HETT 2020

Iain Buchan

Professor of Public Health and Clinical Informatics
University of Liverpool

Professor Iain Buchan is Professor of Public Health and Clinical Informatics, and Digital Lead at the University of Liverpool, and Director of Digital Strategy and Partnerships for Liverpool Health Partners. He was recently Director of Healthcare Research at Microsoft Research and previously founded one of the world’s top health and biomedical informatics research groups at the University of Manchester where he raised over £100M in funding and published over 250 articles and software, spawning new scientific, engineering and social approaches to health data, including the MRC Health eResearch Centre (www.herc.ac.uk) the Farr Institute for Health Informatics Research (www.farrinstitute.org now Health Data Research UK www.hdruk.ac.uk), NorthWest eHealth (www.nweh.co.uk) and Connected Health Cities (www.connectedhealthcities.org). Iain holds qualifications in pharmacology, clinical medicine, public health, statistics and informatics, and has been driving digital innovation projects for over 30 years. Among his fellowships is the American College of Medical Informatics, the top honour in the field. He introduced new methods long before they became popular, including causal machine learning in epidemiology, the learning health system and digital twin/health avatar. His interests now focus on future technologies for population healthcare.