Johnathan Pascall - HETT 2020

Johnathan Pascall

EMEA Sales Director

Johnathan has spent the majority of his career focussed on helping hospitals maximise the return on their Electronic Medical Record systems. Whilst nobody can dispute the potential for these large clinical systems to help ambitious hospitals raise their standards of care whilst reducing costs, there are a number of difficult challenges facing hospitals who have procured these systems. Success is not guaranteed by merely signing a contract.

Over the years, Johnathan has held senior positions in a number of innovative firms who offer technology to help clinical workforces realise the benefits that large clinical systems offer. His current focus is to bring Ancile Solution’s uPerform for Healthcare platform to market in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. uPerform for Healthcare has proven hugely successful in the US in supporting clinicians to more quickly maximise the benefits of Electronic Medical Record systems, whilst reducing the time clinicians spend in front of their screens