Matthew Gould | CEO of NHSX speaking at HETT 2020

Matthew Gould

Chief Executive Officer
Matthew Gould is speaking at HETT 2020

Matthew is the CEO for NHSX, the body set up in 2019 to ensure that staff and patients have the technology they need. He has said his priorities are to reduce the burden on clinicians, to put services and information into the hands of citizens, and to ensure that clinicians can safely access patient data from wherever they are in the system. For the past 3 years, he has been the Government’s Director-General for Digital and Media Policy. Before that, he was British Ambassador to Israel, where he set up the UK-Israel Tech Hub, and the UK Government’s Director of Cyber Security. As well as Israel, he has done postings in Tehran, Islamabad, Washington and Manila. Matthew is married with two daughters. He is a keen but incompetent show-jumper.