Dr Pal Bhusate - HETT 2020

Dr Pal Bhusate

Chief Executive Officer

Passionate about making the world a better place by creating a work environment that empowers employees to connect, communicate, collaborate and share through simple but innovative solutions – making the most of digital transformation.

Pal gained a PhD at Imperial College followed by a dynamic career in the Energy, Telecom, and Finance sectors where she successfully led innovative change and service transformation. More recently her key focus has been in healthcare where Kinseed is enabling clinicians to have an integrated experience in accessing the right data at the right time, to make decisions and take actions for improved patient care and outcome. Currently working with a number of Children’s Acute Transfer Teams across NHS Trusts (GOSH, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Leicester) to help digitise workflows, collect relevant vital data automatically through specific applications that are simple to use, does not change their clinical practices, does not require significant investment but creates the right impact for the patients and the clinical teams.