Tashfeen Kholasi - HETT 2020

Tashfeen Kholasi

Clinical Lead for Digital Dentistry

Tashfeen is the Clinical lead for digital dentistry at NHSX, having initially worked on digital integration projects in local authority prior to embarking on a career in dentistry. A practicing dentist in primary ,secondary, urgent and referral services in the dental sector, she has experienced the disconnect between allied health services and the main healthcare sector and wants digital interoperability to be the lever for better and safe care for both patients and clinicians. Since 2016 she has been leading the Digital Dentistry agenda with proof of concepts of NHS interoperability and access to digital tools for the profession as well as organiser of the Digitally Enabling Dentistry conferences. She is a fellow of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics, member of the NHS Digital Academy and completing her Masters in Healthcare Commissioning and Leadership.