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Ushering in a new era of Digital Transformation

After the sudden and unprecedented transformation in the use of digital health services and healthtech in response to COVID-19, it is vital to get together to lock in the gains and progress made over the last 12 months.

This coming together will enable us to continue to serve through the pandemic and into the future with the fortitude, resilience, and passion the sector is known for.

What is HETT Reset?

HETT Reset is an e-learning event; fully CPD-certified the event has been designed by healthcare professionals, for healthcare professionals.

With a focus on the healthcare reset, culture and implementationintegration and interoperability, digital maturity and the digitally empowered patient, your team will leave with inspiration and ideas to incorporate into active and future projects.

Your pass will give you access to the latest case studies, reports and panel discussions, as well as many interactive features, including online networking, video meetings, polls and more.

What does your free* online pass include?

The event portal will remain open for 30-days after the live event finishes to allow those with busy schedules and limited resource a little flexibility to access the content at a more convenient time.


HETT Reset Virtual Experience

Going virtual in 2021 presents an excellent opportunity to make our events infinitely more accessible. An internet connection is now all that is required to participate and be part of a community that is actively driving digital transformation across UK healthcare and beyond.

30+ hours CPD-certified education
30+ hours CPD-certified education

AI-powered matchmaking & networking
AI-powered matchmaking & networking

Integrated video chats, polls, Q&A's and more
Integrated video chats, polls, Q&A’s & more

Virtual resource hub hosting industry reports and insights
Virtual resource hub hosting industry reports & insights

Virtual expo with interactive booths
Virtual expo with interactive booths

5 days of CPD-certified educational content
Days of CPD-certified education content

5 Days of CPD-certified Focused Content

Our experienced content team are working hard to bring you CPD-certified content that answers your biggest technology-related challenges. This year, we bring you 5-focused days of virtual content supported by 130+ inspirational speakers. Click on the links below for more details.

Healthcare Reset Day at HETT Reset

Culture and Implementation Day at HETT Reset

Integration and Interoperability Day at HETT Reset

Digital Maturity Forum Day at HETT Reset

Digital Empowered Patients Day at HETT Reset

Networking Opportunities at HETT Reset


As the UK’s leading healthtech and digital health event, HETT Reset is supported by the biggest and most influential organisations across in healthcare – meaning that when you join the event, you know you’re networking with the best.


The HETT blog covers the latest digital health and healthtech news, and includes loads of useful resources and podcasts featuring the leading digital health experts and innovators that make the health technology of tomorrow.


COVID-19 Support

We’re here to support the healthcare ecosystem to get through these difficult months whilst we fight COVID-19, together. View our blog for the latest advice and help for those working within health and care.



Podcasts On Demand. We demystify facts and fictions about digital health and healthtech and bring clarity to the healthcare ecosystem.



Webinars On Demand. We demystify facts and fictions about digital health and healthtech and bring clarity to the healthcare ecosystem.